Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Identify 5 advantages and 3 disadvantages of using word processor


People use word processors for writing all kinds of documents, such as letters, school papers and reports. Word processors have many advantages over handwriting and manual typewriters. Word processing is faster and easier than writing by hand and you can store documents on your computer, which you cannot usually do on a typewriter. This makes it easier to review and rewrite your documents. You have more formatting choices with a word processor, and the spelling, grammar and language tools are useful, too. You can also print copies of your documents, which look neater than handwritten ones. Many language students use word processors to improve their writing skills and because they help them feel proud of their work.

5 advantages

  • most people can type faster than they can write
  • word-processed documents are always legible
  • documents can easily be send electronically
  • can use certain features like hyperlinks
  • spell /grammar check easy to erase and fix mistakes and edit text

  • It is easier to make changes to your document. You can move, change, delete, save, and format all your ideas in one handy file.
  • It frees you to express ideas more clearly and to let your thoughts flow because anything can be changed or deleted later.
  • It allows you to organize all your work or ideas together in a file. Instead of deleting paragraphs that do not seem to fit an assignment, you can move them to the end of the file where they can be used later or in another project.
  • It is easy to share and store word processing files electronically

Word processors do have disadvantages, however. First, it is not easy to read long documents on a computer screen. Second, sometimes the printer does not print an exact copy of what you see on the screen. Not all word processors can read each other's files, which is another disadvantage. Finally, word processors do not always work well with e-mail. If you paste a word-processed letter into an e-mail it may lose a lot of its formatting. Many people use a text editor for the Internet, which is similar to a word processor but has fewer formatting features and cannot use graphics. Text editors, such as Notepad, use a simple coding system called ASC II (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), as does e-mail.

3 disadvantages

  • requires a computer (and electrical power) to write
  • data can be lost by a computer malfunction
  • requires a computer or printer to view document
  • certain languages (esp. Asian languages) require hundreds of symbols not easily accessed on a keyboard
  • symbols and equations are easier to write than create on a computer


  1. you said there are 5 advantages of word processing but you wrote more than 5. plus you said there are 3 disadvantages of word processing but you wrote more than 3

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    Really helped me in my midterms!!

  3. two reasons a typewriter is better than a word processor:

  4. two reasons a typewriter is better than a word processor:

    1. A typewriter does not require an external printer to print out the document.
      Documents are straight away produced as hard copy and can not be altered by viruses whilst working on them.

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